About us

About us

Koala Advance is a small Australian family business that provides face masks, neck gaiters, and other miscellaneous products. Our company is based in Ipswich Queensland.

The reason why we started supply face masks is that we realized that a vast majority of face masks on the market were of poor quality and did not offer much protection to our staff.

From that frustration, we sought face masks and decide to provide masks for everyone to ensure we all can have a high quality of health protection.

Our face mask filters up to 99% of particles. When you wear our face mask, you can ensure that it will offer much-needed additional protection.

Nowadays, wearing of masks has become the new norm, wearing a mask while in public places such as Airport, supermarkets, groceries, shopping malls cinema, sporting events,  much more common.

Clinical studies have shown that face masks can help slow down the spread of viruses when combined with other preventative measures such as social distancing sanitizing and washing your hands frequently.

But the quality of the mask that you wear matters a lot. Not all masks are equal, some offer protection while others are just showpieces that offer no protection.

Our face mask filters 99% of particles thus lowering the risk of contracting airborne pathogens and viruses. When you wear our face mask, you are guaranteed that it will offer much-needed protection.

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